A verbatim headline: “The 5 Ds of Creating Software”

Aleph Infotinuum Services gives this article a non-binding grade of D for failing to include Documentation.

AIS is also sorry to report that not one of those Ds is Dance. Perhaps the intended developer-qua-android audience spends its days dreaming of electric sheep within one or another enterprise’s Dilbert department.

On a more serious note, what’s up with skimping on documentation? Such corner cutting guarantees a diminished user experience. As the article explains, creating software is about more than just hacking code.

After adding Documentation to the hexa-D recipe for software development (which is itself a document), consider prefixing the D with a C for Continuous Delivery. Establish a feasible workflow process (e.g. DevOps, XP, Scrum, etc.) as another wise component of product pre-planning.