There is no such thing as a CXO (Chief eXperience Officer), and you should consider walking away from any company which tries to create such a position

No customer ever fails to have an experience with your employer, and any enterprise which seeks to control that experience by way of a C-level strategy is asking for consumer boycott & consequent bankruptcy.

Business managers do exactly that: manage a business. Trying to manage consumers is not only foolhardy and futile, it makes the business look like a bully.

Marketing is one thing. That thing is, of course, persuasion — and any marketing professional who resorts to dishonesty for purposes of persuasion is going to find themselves staring down at the gritty tile inside the unemployment office (okay we’re dating ourselves here: that should be “staring down at the gritty carpet inside the room at home where they’re online looking for a new job). For the vast majority of marketers who don’t resort to dishonesty, persuasion is still not synonymous with control.

One thing that marketing is not about is “architecting” anyone’s “journey.” Within the enterprise, such behavior amounts to bureaucracy-style incompetence. At the point of consumer contact, it reflects a lack of respect for consumer self-determination.

Each consumer is at all times in the driver’s seat of economic production (as opposed to the Keynesian canard about consumers having an imaginary spend-spend-spend obligation as some kind of collective engine of production). Luckily for civilized humanity, we experience almost all of our lives — even while at work producing things for market — consuming things already available from various markets. Imagine the relatively tiny producer aspect of your personality trying to dominate the much larger consumer aspect, and then imagine how much more frustrating it would be to have complete strangers try to dominate consumer you.

The only legitimate way for your employer to drive sales and accumulate profits is to persuade existing & potential customers/clients that your product or service is the logical choice to satisfy their demands. Leave the bullying disutility to your competitors, and come together as a team, C-levels and others (without any bureaucratic nonsense), to keep smiling at consumers and trying to persuade them as they plot their own journey through life.