Setting aside shifting acronyms, this is likely to be the differentiator for firms whose managers want their employer to survive the unfolding economic calamity that socialists have wrought

Despite spurious rhetoric, socialists include both Soviet-style and Nazi-style authoritarians.

You might be confused by the dance of the naming convention combatants. Don’t sweat it — such combatants are merely trying to coin one or another term about which they can claim to be leaders in their made-up market sector. Information management, meanwhile, remains precisely that.

As a competent manager of your employer’s slice of the eternal infotinuum (itself a coined portmanteau which is now part of the infotinuum), your duties entail assessing which of numerous strategies is likely to bring the most organizational benefit at the lowest cost. This is not as simple as nickle-and-diming employees/vendors or conjuring hidden-in-plain-sight methods for squeezing more pennies out of consumers, but rather it requires a careful — and ongoing — assessment based on combining objective metrics with subjective opinion (the latter being most valuable when the opinions are those of existing or potential customers).

When times are tough and consumers are keeping a tight grip on purses, manipulating their behavior reflects the opposite of managerial competence. Likewise, morale among internal stakeholders is sure to drop whenever management tells them to stifle their creativity and forgo their professional development for the sake of battening down enterprise hatches. Although the ultimate fault lies with socialism, the effects necessitate a nuanced approach to staving off bankruptcy.

Automated information workflows & lifecycles represent proverbial low-hanging fruit. Any business can make a modest investment in process & technology to increase productivity and thereby sustain profitability. Be sure, though, to complete more than a half-witted assessment based solely on marketing buzz, or else you might fall victim to just-let-us-manage-all-your-vital-data grifters pitching The Cloud.