Perhaps this should be known as the decline of checklist-focused software development

Never consider any of your employer’s IT-related projects to be complete.

Incompetent business managers are predictable. They almost never want anything other than plausible a**-covering excuses, typically because their actions are more like those of a bureaucrat than they are like a competent business manager.

Fortunately, most business owners are starting to appreciate the need for competitive agility as opposed to intransigent entrenchment coupled with political activism aimed toward precluding upstart competitors through nice & legal regulation. Such competitive agility best serves consumers, while bureaucratic regulation serves only those who are willing to be corrupt and thereby defraud consumers.

Serving consumers is, of course, the only legitimate organizational response to the question “What is our objective?” Consumers will never, ever be “done” with demanding innovation from industry. If you believe that satisfying consumers of a released software product involves offering a knowledge base or a 24/7 support line, you will find yourself less and less employable.

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