Learn to recognize the signs of individual knowledge & expertise encountering the destructive force that is bureaucracy

Artificial hierarchies, which business owners and business school graduates often implement as personal fiefdom enablers, become the riskiest set of organizational silos.

Amid human society, no hierarchy is natural. There are no natural-born leaders, because the term leader is merely a temporal metaphor. The very concept of vertical subordination within an enterprise is tantamount to fraud — at the very least, it is an example of bullies pretending to be important deciderers by way of rigging things in their favor.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that any employee or contracted consultant can do their own thing without regard to satisfying the obligations of the role for which they are expecting to receive remuneration in the form of a wage or a salary or a chart-of-accounts transfer from AR (Accounts Receivable) to some or other bookkeeping revenue account (e.g. a checking account at a bank). Neither business line managers nor non-managers get to behave like they’re more important than their coworkers.

Growing a business is difficult. That’s why so many people who call themselves a business manager end up behaving like a bureaucrat. That’s also why so many people choose to join guilds. The imagined outcome is unquestioning obedience and exclusivity of opportunity. The actual outcome is economic stagnation, which sometimes compels those with a bureaucratic mindset to seek the protection of a larger bureaucracy called government, which sometimes leads to trade wars, which sometimes lead to shooting wars. Who’s kidding whom: more than sometimes.

How, then, can a professional help to minimize the risk of warfare? Knowing that political activism is inherently immoral, the answer becomes obvious: economic activism. Include as part of your employer’s value stream map a knowledge mapping process designed to guide employees and likewise authorized contractors toward the resources they need — all without them ever feeling obligated to approach someone who believes themselves to be hierarchically entrenched in order to beg for entrance into that person’s specific information silo.