Epistemological death by streaming video?

What PowerPointâ„¢ did for presentations, streaming video threatens to do for learning.

When new slideshow technology started to replace overhead projectors in education, courses that featured an instructor displaying hundreds of digitized slides became known as death by PowerPoint. Institutions and businesses cut costs, but also forgot to keep in mind their customers’ learning demands.

Marshall McLuhan theorized that any medium contains traces of previous media, and that content matters less than the medium itself. Streaming video for course delivery show traces of the previous media it replaced, namely the dreaded PowerPoint slide deck. Watching streaming videos of a class lectures with no interactivity or engagement offers no pedagogical improvement.

Using the latest media, whether it is streaming video or virtual reality, does not always guarantee better learning. Inspirational, imaginative and meaningful learning starts with aligning media strategies with an analysis of the content, users, and objectives.