Avoid the bureaucracy that is chicken to micro-management egg

Ludwig von Mises faced up to one of the twentieth century’s most absolute bureaucracies, and ended up fleeing for his life.

So-called Public Choice theory is weak. Not only is there no such thing as “public” anything, asking bureaucrats to make bureaucracies less bureaucratic is nonsensical. An example will demonstrate: one cannot “fix” the bureaucratic education system by calling upon the very bureaucrats who ruined education to then become its “fixers.”

Years before Public Choicers started pretending to oppose bureaucracy in the same blowhard way that contemporary John Maynard Keynes professed to have a theory for battling underemployment, Ludwig von Mises wrote the definitive books explaining how to minimize both. By the 1930’s, he became fearful enough of the latest bureaucratic craze to move away from Nazi-dominated Austria, and eventually away from Europe altogether. By the 1940’s, he published a book called “Bureaucracy” to expose the modern incarnation of such ancient fraud.

There are only ever private interests. Another example: that park ranger standing over there is on duty to prohibit entry to anyone whom the park’s bureaucratic “owners” deem unworthy. Bureaucrats try to persuade others, or even bully them, into the false belief that unthinking hierarchical compliance is natural and voluntary, that ideas for innovation are best left to self-acclaimed philosopher kings. Totalitarian crime syndicates like those of Hitler, Stalin, or Mao represent the best that bureaucracies have to offer. Obviously, that’s not much of an endorsement.

What do bureaucracies do? They micro-manage to the point of terrorizing others. What do micro-managers do? They engender bureaucracy. All efforts are private efforts. All organizations are private organizations. Learn how to counter the nonsensical ramblings of both bureaucratic micro-managers and micro-managing bureaucrats.