AI (Artificial Intelligence) can demonstrate positive ROAII (Return On Artificial Intelligence Investment)

It might not ever escape The Chinese Room, but the adumbrative machine entity is capable of more than mere letter sorting or traffic signaling.

Once the domain of spendthrift bureaucracy backed by broken taxpayer backs, AI procurement has become affordable for nearly-broken entrepreneurs hoping to compete through algorithmic automation. Whether your employer might choose to augment specific roles within the enterprise or eliminate them entirely, the savings on capital and operations expenditures would resettle across multiple market sectors to enhance overall economic employment by way of maximizing consumer satisfaction.

Businesses don’t exist for the purpose of maximizing jobs, but rather businesses exist for the purpose of satisfying consumers. Take heart, though, because maximizing consumer satisfaction regarding any conceivable trade — which includes B2B (Business To Business) deals as well as those ultimate retail transactions — is the only way to maximize jobs within any sustainable economy. Even while working, each of us spends the vast majority of our time consuming things which others produced already, so jeopardizing the smooth operation of society’s various jobs by being a vendor that doesn’t strive to maximize consumer satisfaction means lower productivity all around and, consequently, store shelves featuring fewer purchasing options at higher prices (again: don’t be fooled into thinking that the higher prices of a government’s inflationary policy represent a gold mine of producer opportunity — each of us is first & foremost a consumer and consumers are the final controllers of all markets).

Higher prices are also bad for your employer, and ultimately bad as well for both your employer’s customers and its supply-side vendors. What’s good for your employer is any manager who is valuable enough to adopt promising new technologies somewhere between the time that they’re bleeding-edge (therefore expensive & immature) and the time that they become commoditized (thereby minimizing their effectiveness as a competitive differentiator). Consider the following list of technologies which demonstrate such a managerial sweet spot for excelling into 2017:

  • The Machine (external link) — Caution: observe-only mode
  • DASH (aka MPEG-DASH)Get with the bit rate variability
  • CMISStill the closest thing to tapping pure infotinuum
  • “Everything on The Cloud” — Recommending this would prove a career-killer

Decide for yourselves where AI might fit into that list. For its own sake, Aleph Infotinuum Services recommends an enterprise-wide research spike into the feasibility of automating administrative workflows.