Allow Aleph Infotinuum Services to parse for you this external author’s five opinions regarding The Cloud

Allow AIS to also share a sixth thing: don’t allow anyone to condescend toward you about what you might or might not fear asking. According to marketing legend, Eric Schmidt used the term “cloud computing” in 2006 as a Svengali-style mind control talisman, hoping to convince the world of a false indication that Google was […]

Before falling for marketing syrup regarding The Cloud, be sure to recollect the early days of smartphone data charges

If you are a manager whose due diligence regarding the procurement of IT infrastructure amounts to “It’s cool and it’s convenient and we’re sure to use it all the time,” don’t be surprised down the road when you receive a pink slip. There was a time when the server industry presented itself to consumers as […]

Bankruptcy by way of The Cloud

The self-professed big shots continue trying to marginalize appropriate infotinuum management. It seems that SharePoint is now legacy. Not that it was ever much use to anyone serious about managing their employer’s slice of the infotinuum, but at least that scattergun hype is now choked. There is a new problem, though, another hyped-up technology that […]

Be a cloudbuster

It is rare for Aleph Infotinuum Services to recommend a specific product, and rarer still for AIS to <redacted> on a product … so go ahead and consider this to be a case study in how the NWO intends to use The Cloud as a general tool of mass enserfdom. The vast majority of consumers […]

Setting aside shifting acronyms, this is likely to be the differentiator for firms whose managers want their employer to survive the unfolding economic calamity that socialists have wrought

Despite spurious rhetoric, socialists include both Soviet-style and Nazi-style authoritarians. You might be confused by the dance of the naming convention combatants. Don’t sweat it — such combatants are merely trying to coin one or another term about which they can claim to be leaders in their made-up market sector. Information management, meanwhile, remains precisely […]

System crackers and malware malcontents prefer windows & apples to penguins

If your employer is selecting a desktop operating system for employee use, consider the security bonus of Linux’s relative obscurity. Many people resist change. That is why there is an entire service industry dedicated to change management. Change is still necessary, because healthy economies feature plenty of market-based competition among producers for consumer loyalty. Sometimes, […]

In the Information Age, competent business managers don’t neglect the information

Data are informational, and information is comprised of data, and The Cloud represents the same old system of networked computers rebranded as a mysterious new trend. If it seems trendy & mysterious, bureaucrats pretending to be important management deciderers will become motivated to fixate on the trendy mystery instead of on the business imperative. Vendors […]

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If you hear a manager at your place of employment claim to be a big shot deciderer, start looking for different employment

Such claims always have an unspoken corollary: “… and you lot are my serfs/soldiers.” It’s time to face up to the reality that business schools do little other than defraud society, students and non-students alike. As with members of any guild (e.g. attorneys), business school graduates take to heart the nonsense they hear from professors […]

To paraphrase Padmé Amidala: “This is how freedom dies … with empty promises of convenience”

Whether it’s business or personal, centralization represents the road to serfdom. Friedrich Hayek, like other classical liberal economists, knew the score (The Road To Serfdom being one of his pamphleteer works). He knew the score so well, in fact, that his detractors have been trying for decades to trick the unsuspecting into confusing classical liberalism […]

Here’s what’s trending: the Industrial Mashup Age

Drain the friction, or something like that (hopefully something with refined grammar). The brokerage of innovative, if temporary, business process alignment strategies is itself going through an automation makeover process. At the figurative push of a button, managers of forward-thinking enterprises will be collaborating with enterprises from other industries that might or might not have […]