Allow Aleph Infotinuum Services to parse for you this external author’s five opinions regarding The Cloud

Allow AIS to also share a sixth thing: don’t allow anyone to condescend toward you about what you might or might not fear asking. According to marketing lore, Eric Schmidt used the term “cloud computing” in 2006 as a Svengali-style mind control talisman, hoping to convince the world of a false indication that Google was […]

Bankruptcy by way of The Cloud

The self-professed big shots continue trying to marginalize appropriate infotinuum management. It seems that SharePoint is now legacy. Not that it was ever much use to anyone serious about managing their employer’s slice of the infotinuum, but at least that scattergun hype is now choked. There is a new problem, though, another hyped-up technology that […]

An effective content security strategy does not begin at /home

If you haven’t yet implemented an Intelligent Information Management infrastructure, you are endangering your employer’s very survival. In both your personal and professional life, you are seated at the helm of your own actions. Never forget, though, that consumers are at all times in control of your professional future (just as you in your capacity […]

AI (Artificial Intelligence) can demonstrate positive ROAII (Return On Artificial Intelligence Investment)

It might not ever escape The Chinese Room, but the adumbrative machine entity is capable of more than mere letter sorting or traffic signaling. Once the domain of spendthrift bureaucracy backed by broken taxpayer backs, AI procurement has become affordable for nearly-broken entrepreneurs hoping to compete through algorithmic automation. Whether your employer might choose to […]

Software-Defined Storage is your (employer’s) friend, for now

Think hybrid solutions, for now, and remain agile, always. Back in February of this year, Aleph Infotinuum Services posted a blog entry regarding SDN (Software-Defined Networking), an innovative approach to maintaining real-time network efficiency. Every networked service needs access to storage as well, of course, so get ready to meet & greet SDS (Software-Defined Storage). […]

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The future of computer programming might be polyglot … or at least babelfish

Here’s the thing, though: will tomorrow’s applications become even more bloated with generalized library packages that students at so-called prestigious universities are already learning to just kitchen-sink throw at a project instead of learning optimization skills? There was an era of computing in the not-too-distant past during which a typical Mel would try to hide […]

A hacker presents a hands-on demonstration of cracking SDN (Software-Defined Networking)

Although the conference which featured this demonstrative talk took place in 2014, vendors have yet to address obvious consumer demand. Aleph Infotinuum Services appreciates that no new technology could ever fail to attract the attention of individuals who enjoy figuring out how stuff works. Despite the help-us-hide-our-flaws desires of entrenched market dominators, sharing such vulnerability […]

Considerations for using a third-party platform as a developmental foundation

Be mindful of the tendency for programmers to present narcissistic NIH (Not Invented Here) arguments. There is a common conundrum among both tech startups and established companies ramping up new development initiatives: balancing control of the product’s anticipated codebase with the budgetary expedience of building something on top of APIs that some other organization controls […]

Welcome to the Broadcasting Revolution, Open to All Creators

Whether you work for a large enterprise or dabble in DIY videography, make sure that your streams and VOD archives are incorporated into your already-established infotinuum management strategy. These days, Obstetricians aren’t the only cord cutters. Let the implications of such an observation sink in: as billions start seeking information & entertainment outside the bundled […]

How to prevent the malicious use of client-side code

The end user’s computer or gadget can relieve a server’s processing duties, at a cost. If you manage a portion of your employer’s slice of the eternal infotinuum, there are two practical ways that you can offer webapp functionality while avoiding The Cloud: Beef up your employer’s server-side “metal” capability Create client-side functionality that relies […]